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What is OrganicoHarvest?

OrganicoHarvest is an online organic fruit & vegetable delivery service. We are dedicated to making organic food affordable and more accessible while helping break the cycle of food waste. We work directly with farmers and food producers to source organic produce, mainly fruits, and vegetables, and deliver them to you at up to 50% off compared to other organic grocery stores.

Why should I use OrganicoHarvest?

Besides helping you save on your weekly grocery costs (who doesn’t like that), shopping with OrganicoHarvest helps us fix India’s broken agriculture. Input costs are rising for the farmers while the selling price doesn’t leave a major part of the farming community in the dust. Farmer suicides are the direct effect of this financial instability that farmers are facing.

helps farmers transition to organic farming which decreases their input costs by up to 70% and increases the selling price by up to 100%. Turning to organic farming is the only sustainable way to make farmers financially independent.

In the process of helping the farmers, we are also helping the environment by saving a lot of produce. As we work closely with farmers, we know just how much food is going to waste every single day.

By being committed to fighting food waste, we’ve unlocked a new way to make quality food more affordable for more people. You can shop hundreds of grocery items at up to 40% off grocery store prices, skipping a trip to the store and the hassle of in-person grocery shopping. Every OrganicoHarvest order benefits farmers and makers to help prevent food waste and ultimately help save our environment.

How are you different from Farmer markets?

Farmer markets typically serve only a small circle of customers. They usually require you to pick up at a common location and they don’t typically have a wide selection across many grocery categories that would let you skip a trip to the store.

OrganicoHarvest, on the other hand, actually buys from some farmers’ co-ops that take part in farmer markets and run CSAs and deliver the organic produce straight to your door. OrganicoHarvest is an organic farmers’ market for all.

How are you different from other organic delivery services?

OrganicoHarvest doesn’t run its own farm like most other organic delivery services. We source directly from organic farmers. We don’t make money by selling organic groceries at inflated prices. Instead, we make money by making organic groceries more accessible and affordable.

We’re so much more than other organic delivery services! OrganicoHarvest has the best quality organic groceries—they just cost up to 50% less than you’d pay with the other guys, thanks to our direct relationships with farmers and food makers. The produce selection revolves around the seasons, including specialty heirloom produce that can be hard to find with other delivery companies.

Affordability and access are also a big part of our focus as a company, so we’re committed to delivering our deeply discounted assortment of food to nearly all pin codes in the states we serve.

How does the service work?

By joining OrganicoHarvest, you unlock access to seasonal organic produce and high-quality, sustainably sourced groceries at prices that are hard to find in traditional grocery stores. With our weekly grocery plan, we do all the heavy lifting and automatically get your cart started each week with a selection of high-quality grocery items curated just for you. It’s one less thing to think about—and one less trip you need to make to the store.

Log into your account during your three-day shopping window—check your account for the exact day and time it opens—and review the items we’ve gotten started in your cart.

Customize your order at any time throughout your weekly shopping window. Add on any of the hundreds of grocery essentials we carry. You can also remove items from your cart. Just stay above your order minimum to make sure your order ships. (Order minimums vary by delivery area.)

Your order will be automatically charged after your shopping window ends and delivered right to your home within 2-3 days for a flat shipping fee. No membership fees or tips are necessary!